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As of the 1st of October the new Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) reporting standards apply for all organisations with 500 or more employees.

What does this mean for relevant employers?

They must have a policy or strategy in place that specifically supports gender equality in relation to one, or more, of the following:

  • GEI 1 – gender composition of the workforce.
  • GEI 3 – equal remuneration between women and men.
  • GEI 4 – availability and utility of employment terms, conditions and practices relating to flexible working arrangements for employees and to working arrangements supporting employees with family or caring responsibilities.
  • GEI 6 – any other matters specified by the Minister: sex-based harassment and discrimination. [1]

What organisations are required to do to be compliant

For information and the essential resources an organisation requires in order to comply with the new standards click on the links below:

Parents@Work is happy to support you if you would like any additional help or assistance when reporting against the WGEA’s Gender Equality Indicators.

[1] Workplace Gender Equality Agency, What are minimum standards? Viewed 13 October 2014,