Women in leadership who have had employer-sponsored coaching… we want to hear from you!

Women in LeadershipJust 26% or organisations in Australia and New Zealand have a clearly defined strategy to attract and retain women long enough to reach senior leadership positions, according to women’s leadership research conducted by Mercer in 2010. What’s more women in leadership positions identified insufficient career development, promotion pathways, mentoring provision, childcare cost and childcare availability as primary barriers to equality in the workplace (Committee for Economic Development of Australia, 2013).

If you are a woman in a leadership role this is your chance to contribute to the growing evidence that is helping lead to change cultural norms and organizational policies to support gender equality in the workplace.

I am collaborating with Jen North on a research study to explore what impacts the success of employer-sponsored coaching for women in leadership positions returning to work after a career break. The topic has been selected as an area of growing importance and we hope it will contribute to the academic literature available in the coaching arena.

To complete her research Jen will be interviewing a number of women who have received coaching to assist them with their return to work.

The interviews will take approximately 30 minutes and may be conducted face-to-face or over the phone. The interviews will take place between Thursday 20 March and Friday 28 March 2014 (with some flexibility available).

The research process is carefully managed through the University of Wollongong and specific requirements around ethics, participant information sheets and consent forms must be adhered to.

To ensure honest and accurate results confidentiality is paramount so your identity and the organisation you work for will not be revealed nor referred to in the final research paper.

If you would like to participate or have any questions please contact me on 0404 093 082 or Jen on 0400 466 014 as soon as possible to book a time for your interview.