As we look back on this busy and jam-packed year, we’re feeling a little proud of Parents At Work. Much of our effort this year has been campaigning to get the message of #ParentalLeaveEquality out there – and we know from our work with employers that we have paved the way for introducing better support for dads at an organisational level.

In case you missed our advocacy work in 2018 here are some of the industry and community initiatives we led:

It’s also been clear that many of you agree with us that the right to care for children should not be dependant on whether you’re male or female, gay or straight, an adoptive parent, or what level of management you are – Jacinta Arden and Clarke Gayford were a beautiful example of this in 2018.

Every parent – dads just as much as mums – should have the right to ‘be there’ for their kids’ childhoods and experience the ups and downs that come with that – whether that’s through flexible work arrangements, parental leave or other work/home balance initiatives. We need to continue to remove the existing stigmas that stop fathers from taking leave, and instead create workplace cultures that actively encourage the uptake of dads on parental leave. Both employers and employees can work to create this.

As we dive headfirst into 2019, our work continues in improving the lives of parents and carers by working with employers to design best practice, carer-friendly policies and workplace cultures. This of course in turn gives both mothers and fathers the opportunity to thrive at work and at home, which is what we are all about.

We want to help parents move away from struggling to balance their various responsibilities – like a yoyo seesaw bouncing from one area of life to the other – and support them to integrate and fully embrace both a successful career and parenthood. This integrated approach shifts the pressurised ‘juggling balls’ demands of the modern parent to a ‘we’re all in it together’ way of working and living.

Thank you for your support throughout the year. We look forward to taking our support to another level again next year – so watch this space! Safe holidays and see you in 2019.