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Working families are the backbone of our community and our economy in Australia.  Parents At Work felt very strongly about the need to tell the story of working parents.  Specifically what happens at the intersection of work and family.  However their story is not being told in its full glory.  Working families are traditionally an under reported segment of our community.  There is data on specific elements that impact working families like work force participation, child care usage, broad demographic data, marriage, birth and divorce insights, but nothing easily accessible that combines all of these elements.

In the Working Families Survey we conducted we also included subjective questions as to whether they felt supported by their employer and also by the Federal government at the intersection of work and family.  This element alone in a survey is unique however with the other data included as well it becomes a very unique and interesting survey that gives us an insight into a large segment of Australian’s lives – that of working families.

The survey itself uncovered some interesting results in terms of the respondents generally felt supported by their employer with only 35% of employees making suggestions for something else they would like to see their employer provide to them as a working parent.

On the other side of the equation when asked if the Federal Government was doing enough to support working families an overwhelming number – 81% of respondents – answered “No”.

About the Working Families Survey

The survey was run for the month of April 2017.  In total we asked 16 questions with a combination of subjective and objective answers.  We purposely didn’t include any questions that might result in identifying the respondent.

2017 Working Families Report – it’s nearly ready for release!

We hope that you find the report on the working family survey both interesting and enlightening.  It’s not quite ready for release but will be in the next week or so.  Keep your eyes peeled for this exclusive data.

Please share it with your colleagues and friends.  The more information we have on the reality of working families in Australia – the better we will be able to tell their stories and make a positive difference in their lives.

About Parents At Work

Parents At Work is a privately owned company that provides courses and coaching to working parents across Australia.  We work for many large organisations delivering our services for their working parents (both Mums and Dads).  We are commitment to creating family flexible workplaces that will allow working parents to achieve their career potential whilst at the same time as caring for their families.  Although we have limited resources we are passionate about telling the story of working families in Australia.  As such we decided to invest our own time and resources into conducting a survey into Australian working families, specifically investigating their experience around where work and family intersect.