We know that Australia is lagging well behind other OECD countries when it comes to fathers’ uptake of parental leave. According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency scorecard in 2017, men represented 4.7% of all Australian employees who took primary carers leave.

Parents at Work CEO Emma Walsh talked to ABC Radio’s Life Matters program about the cultural stigma around men taking parental leave, and dad Rob Sturrock joins the conversation to chat about his experience being the primary carer for his children.

“There’s a well entrenched culture that sees dads as workers, and not as carers,” explains Rob. “We don’t always encourage dads to see themselves as carers – but as worker bees”.

The radio spot also provides insights from members of the public from around the country, sharing their perceptions of dads taking parental leave, why they didn’t, and what the benefits were for the dads who did. One caller shares his story of having to resign from his company because his organisation did not have the policies available to allow him to be the primary caregiver and stay at home with his children.

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