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We’d like take this opportunity to congratulate one of our clients – Ezypay – for making a significant effort to improve their working parent’s wellbeing (indeed all their employee’s wellbeing) with leading staff incentives in the company’s Malaysian office (operating under iconnect360).  One of the perks for new mums is to give women developers 3 months fully paid maternity leave – which is leave well above the norm in Malaysia. One employee  comments on why supporting parents in those initial few months of parenthood is so vital: “The extra month (of maternity leave) really boosts morale and actually leaves you more refreshed and motivated to return to work.”

Want to know more? Here’s the company’s updated package…

iconnect360 Malaysia expands on existing work benefits, which already includes working hours that end at 4pm, travel opportunities to Sydney and comprehensive medical coverage for immediate family members.
3 Months Paid Maternity Leave

iconnect360 is also one of the few software companies to champion the career choices of female developers in the country – with over 50% of the organization comprising of female employees in professional and managerial roles.

For example, women developers are rewarded with an unprecedented 3-month fully paid maternity leave, making it possible for women to enjoy motherhood while also retaining a professional career at the same time. New mom Meera Krishnan who has worked at iconnect360 for over 2 years is currently on work hiatus to bond with her newborn daughter, Joanna Maree Klassen.

Krishnan says, “I love how the company understands that it’s not the three months’ worth of rest that’s important, but it’s the moment of bonding with my baby that’s most precious to me. I can’t put a value on the first three months of my daughter’s life – to be there for her and to get to know her, at every second and every minute, it’s priceless. I love that they understand that, and they respect it.

“It is extremely comforting to be able to care for your baby without worrying about the income. The extra month (of maternity leave) really boosts morale and actually leaves you more refreshed and motivated to return to work.”

The company’s insurance coverage also includes the protection of the employee’s spouse and child so female employees can enjoy the best of prenatal and postnatal care with no claims limit at any hospital of their choice.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing Events

Meanwhile, other female employees are also encouraged to expand their professional circle by actively participating in after-work networking events. iconnect360 is the main organizer of the country’s first Women Who Code (WWC) Kuala Lumpur chapter in hopes of promoting and encouraging the development of women programmers in Malaysia.

The company also runs a non-profit networking session for marketers, titled the Digital Marketing Meetup 360 (#DMM360) on a monthly basis. Since the launch of #DMM360 in June, iconnect360 interns, designers and developers have been empowered with first-hand experience in collaborating with other marketing giants such as Leo Burnett, Mindvalley, Zeno Group and the Star.

Gym and WiFi Subsidy

As a majority of iconnect360 staff are from Generation Y, new incentives introduced also include subsidies on gym and Wi-Fi connection at home. All employees may also petition for flexible working hours, depending on their personal needs and arrangement with their direct supervisor. While these benefits may not sound especially exciting, it is a positive sign that medium-sized software companies in Malaysia are now willing to find the right balance between providing competitive benefits to attract the right talent without risking financial mismanagement.

Birthday Holidays and a RM5,000 Holiday Overseas Trip for 2 Pax

iconnect360 latest employee incentives also addresses the popular demand for work-life balance via various leave options available – including marriage leave (3 days of holiday) and birthday leave (1 day of holiday the day before, on or after your birthday). Cayla Ng, who has been with iconnect360 for less than a year was delighted to discover that all new employees automatically qualified for a paid Birthday Holiday.

Ng says, “It felt like my birthday was a big deal to everyone in the company. It also makes me feel proud because when I told my friends and family about my paid Birthday Holiday, everyone said that this is a good company to work in. A one-day holiday might not seem like a lot, but it’s very special to all of us and it’s something that we all look forward to. I like it very much.”

Employees who have completed five years of continuous paid service are also rewarded with an all-expense paid holiday for two to a foreign country, up to a maximum of RM5,000.

On the other hand, iconnect360 also rewards motivated individuals who opt-out of utilizing their annual leaves by either converting the leaves into cash or rolling the holidays forward to the following year. In most Malaysian companies, annual leaves that are not taken by 31 December are usually wasted and the number of annual leaves an employee has is reset again on 1 January the following year.

Weekly Friday Breakfasts at Breakout Area

Meanwhile, the company also hopes to forge closer relationships and promote healthier dietary lifestyle at the workplace with weekly Friday breakfasts provided in the communal area. The weekly event provides an opportunity for new and senior staff members of different teams to mingle and create conversations while also encouraging all employees to practice healthy eating habits for long term health.

The latest benefits announced indicate that iconnect360 and Ezypay are remaining true to their Australian recruitment standard which places the wellbeing of its employees ahead of its products and services, even as the company is expected to enjoy steady financial growth for the next few years.

Brown says that, “Without a happy and satisfied team, we couldn’t have achieved the results that we have so far. It’s a very important part of our core values to maintain and improve on the standards where possible.”

Source: iconnect360