Welcome to the ‘parents@work’ portal

Increase loyalty in your organisation and retain your talented working parents by supporting their journey through the interactive and all-inclusive parents@work portal.

We recognise 4 important stages of a working parent’s journey:

1.       Preparing for parental leave

2.       Staying in touch whilst on leave

3.       Returning to work, and

4.       Managing your career as a working parent

Your Customised Portal

Your parents@work portal is a customised, interactive solution designed to suit the needs and policies of your organisation and it’s a compilation of our years of experience in supporting working parents. This resource will guide your working parents, making them more effective and loyal employees by empowering them through their parenting journey and their return to work, with your organisation.

Working Parents Tools
Your working parents will complete our checklists and online forms to help them through each stage of their journey. Coupled with important information, the parents@work portal will take them through: Preparing for Parental Leave Checklist, Staying-in-touch Checklist, a Return to Work Plan, Negotiating Flexible Work Checklist and Work/Life Happiness Checklist.

These checklists and tools can be saved during completion to be revisited by a particular employee at a later time.

Interaction with a Working Parent Experts
The parents@work portal provides a
Q & A function, giving your parents direct access to a working parent expert for any questions they have throughout their journey.  There is an interactive chat forum too, allowing parents to chat with other working parents in your organisation and get information to latest events, news and articles. 

One-to-one Coaching Service
Parents can find out about and take advantage of the Coaching Service offered by mums@work career coaches and book their session online to access the support required to plan their return to work.

Easy & Quick Access to Necessary Information
Your parents@work portal gives your working parents quick and easy access to your policies and government entitlements surrounding parental leave and flexible work.

Resources to assist with work/life balance
Tips and activities to help employees review career plans, manage career as a working parent, balance work and family.  We have dedicated one section to give access to child care resources and options, which better links your employees to the child care resources at hand.

Managers’ Lives Made Simple
Empowering and supporting your working parents with the parents@work portal takes the onus off the manager to ensure the employee is supplied with all the necessary information and tools.  Parents guide themselves through the portal completing activities and checklists as they go and with the click of a button can email their manager an update or a question.

By Elysha Stephens | mums@work | 21.02.13