Supporting employees manage Work and Caring responsibilities has never been more critical, particularly for the medical and healthcare sector.

How are organisations responding?

What family-friendly workplace policies and approaches are needed to help employees and leaders adapt to the new ways of working and balancing family needs?

This webinar expands on the work UNICEF and Parents At Work, together with leading parenting agencies, have done around launching 9 new family friendly workplace recommendations for employers to help bridge the work and care divide post Covid-19.

Join Emma Walsh, CEO of Parents At Work as she hosts a panel of expert speakers including:

  • Nicole Johnston – Head of Gene Therapy, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia
  • Claudia Lincoln – HR Director, AstraZeneca Australia
  • Fiona Sheppard – Diversity & Inclusion Leader, ANZ, Johnson & Johnson

To learn about what other organisations are doing and how Parents At Work can support your leaders and working parents/carers with a tailored service email