Career.Life Design

Many people have found their usual work routines have been turned upside down by Covid-19.  When we experience sudden change at work, it can take time to adjust and reintegrate with the rest of our daily life demands. Therefore, it’s good to pause, review and redesign your job, consider how you can contribute in different ways to your team and re-scope what is essential vs non-essential – at work and at home.

This presents an opportunity to reflect and leverage your strengths and capabilities in ways you might not have been able to do previously.

If you need help reshaping your job to adjust to new demands and carve out a path that works for you, listen to this recently recorded webinar to hear from Career Life Design expert Gill McLaren with Parents At Work, CEO, Emma Walsh as they help you navigate and invest in your career and life wellbeing. They share a step by step guide with practical tips to help you navigate from uncertainty to clarity so you can thrive.

WATCH the recording by clicking on the image below or listen to The Career Wellbeing Podcast featuring Gill and Emma.

If you would like to bring more career/life support to your organisation please contact us at Parents At Work have a range of services and programs to help employers support your family in the areas of Career, Family and Wellbeing.