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Parents At Work are thrilled to welcome our newest Employer Member Optus to our growing number of family-friendly organisations. Optus are committed to providing a family-friendly workplace environment for all of their employees, and Parents At Work are excited to support them in this journey.

"Optus knows that every family is different and can be defined in many different ways,” says Veronica Lakin, Organisation Development Manager at Optus. “They also know becoming a parent or carer can be a life changing experience.

“Together, Optus and Parents At Work provide career, family and wellbeing support through a work and family hub with courses, podcasts, webinars, events and stories for all stages of family life - from parental leave, to raising toddlers and teens through to navigating aged care."

We are looking forward to providing Optus employees with support in the parenting, family and work-life balance juggle.

To WATCH a short video and learn more about becoming a member organisation and family-friendly employer, visit our Membership page here.