Our most successful special event to date, our interview with psychotherapist Jean Gamble, has got a lot of people talking… we heard feedback that the webinar made it to the football pitch the next day – the event was that fantastic.

Here’s a taster of what was presented…

On what Jean hears consistently as a relationship therapist

“How often people admit, holding secretly in their heart – that they could be living a more satisfying, more connected, more meaningful life with richer relationships.”

On committing to change

“Get an agreement between you to say ‘let’s take our relationship to higher realms’, or a deeper level of support or appreciation.”

“Be clear on the purpose of our relationships. Happiness is fleeting and joy is eternal. It’s important we build our level of joy in ourselves and in the people around us.”

“If you are focused on going to deeper level of joy and appreciation then it becomes part of the agreement and the children will be more on board.”

“Connect to your self means you have a level of awareness that tells you whether you are in reaction or responding. It’s that level of awareness that can take us to that next level of relationship.”

“Until you connect to yourself – your relationship with others is always superficial.”

“Our sub-conscious will do whatever we can in order to avoid going deeper together.”

“Prioritise a time to go deeper together… treat it as if it were a business meeting or doctors appointment. There is a level of commitment to make it work. There is no magic wand.”

“Clock when the ‘hard on self’ voice comes in. Say: ‘I refuse to let you to talk to me like that.’ This is the beginning of a self-appreciation. Take responsibility for that momentum of critical self-talk.”

On stopping the momentum 

“Take stock of what we are doing. You could do this via a short meditation, esoteric yoga. Just a stop. Check in with yourself and ask: what is the quality of my life?”

“Once we know the difference between stillness and momentum we have an awareness”

On knowing what we need

“By deeply becoming aware of our own needs and then we learn how to express. It’s about listening.”

“A lot of us are second guessing what the other wants and trying to be that. This is a recipe of disaster because resentment occurs. We project what we want and we give them that. Love can’t grow where weeds are growing in the garden of resentment.”

“We need to start with giving what we need.”

“When we start to be real we give everyone else the permission to be real. Rocky and real are much better than superficial and fake.”

“If we are prepared to ask for what we want we begin to ditch the martyrdom and sacrificial parenting.”

“We matter and count – when we model to friends and family we give them the permission to matter.”

“We’re raising in a climate where asking for help is not community. Doing it all by myself is very ‘3 year old’.”

“We have to respect the viewpoint of the other person and not say: ‘when you’re more like me then our relationship will be harmonious’. We have to allow the input of the other.”

On learning to express our feelings

“It’s a dialogue: ‘If I tell you I want this how does this feel for you?’ “

“Assess what’s really important. We can get bogged down if get stuck on perfectionism. A lot of what we worry about doesn’t matter.”

“People in relationship need to be attended to. Me, being present to you, listening to you, attending to you. It’s the quality we bring to the relationship. If it is too much we have to say ‘it’s interesting what you’re telling me, we have to be truthful with what we can and can’t manage. Not giving it half a lick rather than a whole.”

What if you don’t trust your manager? “Have the connection with yourself to know what’s going on and having the courage to bring it to the relationship”.

“Front up as all of who you are. Truthful sincerity.”

“Be prepared to listen to others – see it from the others perspective.”

“Get a mediator if you’re really struck.”

Prioritising time with each other 

“Make the agreement – ‘I think it could be better, what do you think?’ Make that the umbrella you live in. Ask if this is serving, going towards what we both want.”

“Be with each other. Make space for being together.”

“It’s impossible to love someone else unless you love yourself. It’s impossible to appreciate someone else if you don’t appreciate yourself.”

“When your cup is full it can flow into others.”

“When we take the time to make that connection the yumminess we feel through the body is amazing. You begin to choose less stimulating lifestyle so you can be in stillness with each other.”

“Negotiate and respect each others realities. Give each other time – give it a try.”

“The body is the marker of truth.”

Relationship program 

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Jean is also running an 8 week Relationship Program on Thursday nights from 7 – 9pm starting October 13th at the Mosman Community College. This will cover:

  • Develop more satisfying relationships through deepening our connection with ourselves and others.
  • Learn to build greater self-awareness and take this into our friendships and relationships.

This will be $280 for 16 hours of therapy / interactive workshop – exceptional value for money anyone who listened to the webinar would agree! If you are interested please contact Jean Gamble direct via her website.

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