This week our CEO Emma Walsh interviewed Jane Jackson, Career Management Coach and author of the best selling book Navigating Career Crossroads.

The discussion revolved around how common it is for people move away from their anchor or their purpose and gradually find themselves on a career trajectory they don’t want to be on, or worse, in a midlife crisis.

Jane had some great tips on how to make career guidance accessible to everyone and started by taking us through the 7 deadly mistakes of job seekers. These are:

  1. Lack of clarity and confidence
  2. Unsure of what makes them really tick
  3. A generic resume and unclear communication strategy
  4. Unsure of personal brand and professional image
  5. Don’t understand the job search strategies that work
  6. Lack of preparation for interviews
  7. Lack of planning for negotiation and settling into the new role
Top Tips for Navigating Your Career Crossroads

Some of the top tips Jane and Emma shared around avoiding these mistakes and being able to take more control of your career trajectory included:

  • Take some time to clear your head to rebuild your confidence again. If you’re really unhappy and stressed it’s hard to find clarity so if you can manage it take some time off.
  • Clarify what you want and tap into any self limiting beliefs
  • Assess what your values are, what motivates you, what demotivates – to see how much you’re fulfilling now
  • Look at unresolved issues with certain people as this can be one area that drains you. Everything you’re not ok with, you are tolerating it.

“When you realise you can do something about it, it can be quite a revelation, what’s more, you can start taking action. You can choose to change it or not. If you choose not to do anything about it, to tolerate it you need to let it go.” Jane Jackson 

  • Talk to a trusted advisor who can support you in a positive way
  • Start the day by confirming with yourself what you are capable of – reminding yourself that you are able to face any challenge
  • Start noticing your body posture, walk with positive body language – dropped shoulders, upright yet relaxed, head up, eyes engaged
  • Work with your self-limiting belief and assess what makes you tick
  • Recognise there will be ups and downs – try to see the light at the end of the tunnel to get you back on track and through the busy period.
  • Look at what is important to you at different phases of your life and what is not negotiable.

If you’re not quite 100% happy when everything else in life is good it’s usually that one of your top values is not quite right. Jane Jackson

  • Think about motivates you and demotivate you
  • Understand what skills you have and what personal traits may transfer to skills
  • Write down your bucket list what is important to you: Consider what you enjoy doing? What job function? What industry? Which companies do you admire that reflect the same values as you? What physical location? What salary base? What basis of promotion would resonate with you? Corporate culture, the people around you?
  • Network and do your research on organisations that support working parents – those that provide flexible work and family friendly environments
  • Work with your employer to create a flexible arrangement – really thinking about how you can make your role flexible. Ask how technology can support the option to work remotely.

“Some employers actually like you to work from home. Come up with a proposal on how it could work. You may be more productive.” Jane Jackson 

  • Look at your achievements – write them down – it’s a great confidence booster and helps you strengthen your CV.
  • LinkedIn is a great opportunity to write and present yourself in a way that you want others to perceive you. Keep it in first person so people can relate to you.
  • Reach out to a mentor and don’t be afraid to ask questions or get professional guidance that works for you.

“Identify your transferable skills – think about the different roles you might be targeting and see if there is a common thread.” Jane Jackson 

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