Tips to make a busy schedule work: from Ezypay's Director of Marketing & Sales

This month, Celeste Kirby Brown, Director of Sales, Marketing & Relationships at Ezypay provides tips on how she and her husband Trent Brown (Ezypay’s CEO) juggle their family and their work. It’s not always easy being a working parent especially when both parents work together in senior positions in the same organisation; so how does this dynamic couple manage it? Read on…

This proud couple are Mum and Dad to Aisha (nearly 4) and August (nearly 2). Together, they work at Ezypay, which is a direct debit company that helps businesses in Australia and New Zealand collect ongoing payments from customers.  


Celeste says:

“The hardest transition for me was going on maternity leave in the beginning.  Being a Mum is so overwhelming, new, stressful, joyous, sleep deprived and unknown experience.  I wanted to be with my baby desperately but I was also yearning to go back to the semi controlled day to day of work where I was experienced and kind of knew what to expect”.

“I was really lucky I was able to come back 2 days a week, then 3 days a week and then I built it up to 4.  Our work place is very flexible and we try and take individual needs into account.”

Here are some of the things that Trent and I do that work for us:
  • Plan dinners and food for the week.  Write a list and shop once a week.
  • Both our kids go to family day care so we need to pack their lunches.  We do as much of this as possible on Sunday night.
  • I cook big meals and use leftovers through the week
  • I also try and cook at least one meal for the week on the weekend
  • We get the kids clothes out the night before so we can get them dressed quickly in the morning
  • Trent takes them to care and I pick them up so I try and get to work early and he stays back a bit later.
  • I go to bed early cause I generally get a 5am – 6am wake up call.
  • We both try and have a sleep in or nanna nap on the weekend
  • I pay bills on my iPhone when they arrive from the letter box
  • I have a cleaner once a week
  • I plan Mum and Dad time once a fortnight
  • I have found other Mums around my area and swap babysitting favours
  • I have also found a teenager across the street who is lovely and I ask to babysit too
  • We try and do a nice family thing at least once a week
  • When we get home I generally start dinner and when Trent gets home later he gives the kids a bath.
  • We sit down as a family and have dinner together between 6.30pm – 7pm most nights.

We enjoy it, are very busy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.