Thrive Masterclass

Career and Family Connect Masterclass This is your time for professional and personal development

On completion of this course you will:

  • Review your career vision and design a career plan
  • Know how to identify and manage career barriers
  • Unlock ideas for how to improve how you manage your everyday job demands with family life
  • Have a more flexible mindset about how to approach work and family life
  • Create an integrated and sustainable career and family wellbeing plan
  • Have your questions answered and shared experiences with other working parents

    Really love to attend but feel like you don't have the time/space/energy to get there? Then you're probably just the person that would benefit from it most! The feedback we've had from past participants is in line with this: "I nearly didn't get here but I'm so glad I did!"


This is not a 'hard work' workshop. Delivered by expert career coaches you will go through an uplifting and empowering journey. In fact, it will help you simplify and lighten your load. This is your chance to really explore and shape your career to connect better with your family life. 

In 3 hours this professional and personal development course will help you answer:

1. Where am I at?

Assessing work-life fitness - Delving into the details of the challenges you currently face in you career, and how your childcare or family responsibilities could be impacting this and what the source of the disconnect may be.

2. What do I really want?

My ultimate work-life dream - Exploring possibilities and think-tanking ideas outside your comfort zone to help clarify exactly what you want from your career and family life.  

3. How do I make this my reality?

Next steps for success - You will be supported with practical strategies to overcome your barriers and the steps needed to help you successfully meet your work-life balance goals. 



Who is this course for?

The THRIVE: Career and Family Connect Masterclass is for everyone at any career and life stage. It is best attended:

  • When you are evaluating your career and life plans and goals.
  • If you’d like tips from career management experts on how to manage career, family and personal wellbeing needs
  • If you wish to set a new direction and pathway for success at work and at home
  • When you are looking to break back into your current or future job post parental leave

What you get?  

The THRIVE: Career and Family Connect Masterclass provides you with valuable resources, including:

  • A three hour face-to-face workshop
  • A comprehensive Toolkit
  • Guidance from experienced executive coaches with the opportunity to book a follow-up coaching session



This is an outstanding service that working parents should take advantage of when returning to work after a break. This will help you get perspective & work through any challenges that are unique to you. My Coach was wonderful - patient, caring and practical


I had been back at work after having my first baby for seven months when I realised I needed some additional support and engaged Parents At Work for three coaching sessions. These were brilliant; my Coach provided a different perspective and challenged my existing thinking in how I approached my career, work, family and self.


We have received extremely strong feedback about the Parents at Lendlease program delivered by Parents at Work for both our female and male employees.  The one on one coaching has been extremely successful offering our employees a personalised service to focus on their career and juggling the challenges of family and work.

I was given some great tools and guidance for getting over these "hurdles". I can't recommend this coaching program enough for new, or seasoned parents, or parents to be.


I wanted to share my feedback following the seminar yesterday. Even though I have been on maternity leave once before, I found it very helpful. The facilitators were great – they both speak from experience (personally and professionally) and it was helpful to be able to have a mini coaching group session with one of them at the end of the morning. It was also great to be able to walk away with a toolkit booklet


Thank you for the awesome program. It helped me realise other mums have the same challenges, helped me lift the constraints I have been placing on myself & gave me tools to make it happen such as using positive language when negotiating flexibility, getting mentors, taking action and networking. Thanks for the kick start.


Thanks for the Seminar. It was fantastic, the presenters were so professional, yet down to earth and I really felt I could open up about some of the issues I was facing. It was great to leave knowing that I can have greater confidence in my ability as a mum and a professional to get things working really well and that I can go after what I really want.

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