What does a universal pathway for men look like as they become fathers and on goingly as they integrate parenthood with work commitments?

Recently our Chief Services Officer, Kiri Stejko, joined a panel of experts on a Plus Paternal Webinar to talk about how we can support men to be a bigger part of the journey in the health care and workplace settings.


  • Kiri Stejko (Chief Services Officer, Parents At Work)
  • Dr Garth Kendall (Representative, Australian College of Nursing)
  • Anita Thomas (Baby Makes 3 Program Manager, Carrington Health)
  • Simon von Saldern (CEO, Healthy Male)

In this conversation the panel discuss the need for a fundamental shift in the way the health system and workplaces cater for the needs of men – from preconception to early fatherhood.

Initiatives that support the proactive engagement and care of men need to become standard practice. This requires policy, service-level, workplace and individual commitments to a philosophy that is truly inclusive of men and fathers.

WATCH the full webinar here.

For more information visit www.healthymale.org.au/plus-paternal

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