There’s certainly a business case for supporting carers from the employer side.

So what can employers really do to support carers in their workplace?

Parents At Work are big supporters of National Carers Week (14th- 20th October) which is all about recognising and celebrating carers. In accordance with this, Parents At Work are providing a Caring for Carers Podcast Series.

In Episode 1- ‘The Case for Supporting Carers in the Workplace’, Danielle Robertson of DRC Care Solutions talks about the reality of being a carer today, the challenges carers face balancing work and caring responsibility, and a number of practical examples and policies organisations can utilise to bring these conversations to the forefront.

Danielle says the support “might not be in a monetary way, it might be just providing them with support- if they need flexibility for example

Her advice to employers is “most companies wouldn’t have a clue about the caring responsibilities their employees have. So I urge you, employers, to survey your employees and find out who has caring responsibilities.

Please listen to the podcast episode below.