Teen Time


This four-part series explores the challenges and joys of parenting teenagers. It provides practical tips on how to navigate and support your family as a working parent.
There’s no doubt the teenage years are challenging for most parents. As we are confronted with changes in our child’s behaviour we may feel unsure of how to deal with the demands and changes required. What’s more, the entry into young adulthood is often coupled with busier parents. This can be an unsettling time for everyone in the house. The HSC year, for example, can be a looming threat and can easily overwhelm and unbalance the family routine.
The first module for this four-part course will enhance a parent’s understanding of the developmental stages of your teenager. Once we have a better understanding of what is actually happening for our child it provides us with profound insight to the science behind their behaviour!
In module two parents have the opportunity to discuss and understand some of the common challenges of teenagers and then explore ways to deal with these situations.
In module three we will look at how to navigate high school generally as well as their approach to the HSC year. The mounting stress and anxiety can start as early as year 7 and irrational pressures and behaviours need to be spotted early on to avoid having to implement new routines into an already full schedule. In this module we will look at how to support our teenagers but also how to support yourself.
In module four we will look at why it is essential that parents and children have opportunities to enjoy each other’s company – just because they are growing up it doesn’t mean the enjoyment has to go, we just have to adjust our role.

Course Outline

Module One - Understanding Your Teenager’s Development

  • Teen brain development - this is the foundation for understanding your Teenager
  • Risk taking behaviour – this is a normal part of development but how can we support them to do it without life-long consequences?
  • Lack of communication
  • How to make choices and consequences a way of life

Module Two - Common Challenges

  • Drugs and alcohol – What is your position?
  • Healthy body, healthy mind – How to support your teen with healthy food and exercise choices.
  • Sleep – How to help your teen understand it’s importance and how to support them establish their own sleep routine
  • Helping out around the house – everyone has a role

Module Three – Navigating High School

  • What are they experiencing? Year 7 – Year 12
  • What are the emotional challenges?
  • What support is available?
  • The HSC preparation – what’s our role?

Module Four –Enjoying Each Other’s Company

  • How to keep the communication going?
  • Friends and influences
  • A close relationship needs playfulness
  • Walking the talk – What I see is what I will do

What's included?

  • Three x 1-hour group sessions over 4 weeks
  • One-on-one direct access to the parenting educator/course facilitator between the sessions
  • A printable workbook to use at home and practice your new strategies
  • Each module will consist of slides that highlight key points for the webinar.
  • Additional resources (such as online videos) will be provided during and following the webinar to consolidate learning
  • Questions, discussion and interaction are encouraged - the greatest learning comes from sharing
  • A recording of each session in case you miss it or would like to share with another. 
  • Bring a family member to the session for FREE

Who is this course for?
Anyone who currently cares for or is likely to care for in the future a teenager or young adult. 


Register via the below enrol link and you will be sent the course toolkit/workbook and details about the webinar you are enroled in. On the webinar itself you will be able to interact with the parenting educator and ask questions via email throughout the four week period the course is running. 

You can dial in to the webinar by phone or online so it's easy to participate from home.