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Why we do what we do: the Parental Leave Equality campaign 2018

  As we look back on this busy and jam-packed year, we’re feeling a little proud of Parents At Work. Much of our effort this year has been campaigning to get the message of #ParentalLeaveEquality out there – and we know from our work with employers that we have paved the way for introducing better…

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The bad news that motivates us even more: parental leave progress stalled

WGEA have just released their latest Gender Equality Scorecard for 2017-2018, and it’s not great news – especially for parental leave equality. As we look back on five years of equality progress in Australia, there are some wins and there are definitely some losses. “There are a few problem areas. Access to parental leave has…

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Alternatives to Paid Parental Leave that make you an Employer of Choice to industry top talent

Parents At Work recently launched Advancing Parental Leave Equality and Introducing Shared Care in Australia: the business case for action – a whitepaper developed alongside WGEA’s recently launched Best Practice Employer Guide: Developing a Leading Practice Parental Leave Policy. Many small businesses believe that Paid Parental Leave and other family-friendly policies are too far out…

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Why ‘shared care’ is good for your business

“A leading practice parental leave policy allows women and men to both identify as the primary carer. Leading policies will reduce employee turn over … and boost employee engagement and productivity. Every time someone leaves your organisation, it costs you money. [Parental leave equality] is a smart solution to this.” Libby Lyons, Director of Workplace…

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Supporting Working Parents – it’s time to act. Australia Human Rights Commission website to help employers and parents

Spurred by shocking statistics last year that exposed 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men experience discrimination during pregnancy, parental leave and the return to work period [1] the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has responded by launching a website for employers and employees to understand their legal obligations and entitlements better. The new Government…

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