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National Working Families Report 2019: Parents and carers need our support

Competing pressures of work and caring responsibilities are adversely impacting the health and well-being of Australian working families. Government and the business community are being called on to do more to invest in and embed family friendly workplace practices that support people to thrive at work and at home, and address gender inequality when it…

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Four family-friendly policies workplaces need, says UNICEF

We know that family-friendly workplace policies have a far-reaching impact. From the employees who use them, to the organisations that implement them, and the families that they positively affect, when parents and carers feel supported in their workplace to be able to balance the pressures and needs of both their career and home life, then…

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Grateful for the Grandparents – Celebrating National Carers Week

Kiri Stejko with her parents and children. PAW’s Fiona Hitchener’s parents with her sons. With National Carers Week upon us, we want to celebrate the significant role that grandparents play in looking after the children of the Parents At Work team. On a quick poll, 90% of the team are supported by grandparents in some form for childcare…

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