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At work and play – how do you be the dad you want to be?

How Fatherhood Impacts Your Career – Podcast Alex Laguna, Founder of Better Dads There’s much said and discussed about new mums and their return to work after having children, but sometimes dads can be a little forgotten. Many dads feel pressure to return to work after a couple of weeks off (if that) after their…

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Why I’m ditching the super parent fantasy in 2019

January brings relaxing times and quieter days for some but not all. For parents of young kids and babies, the family tempo may have reduced marginally from manic sprint to marathon jog. But it’s unlikely your ‘holiday’ was filled with breezy afternoons napping, swimming, and relaxing  unencumbered by the ties of responsibility. You had kids…

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How Australian Businesses Can Better Support Working Dads

These days, working while raising children is increasingly common. According to the ABS Survey of Employment Arrangements, Retirement and Superannuation, 62% of coupled parents work, while 60% of single parents work. What’s more, 90% of dads with children under 15 are employed, meaning the vast majority of Australian fathers are juggling work and parenting commitments…

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