Sleeping & Settling Podcast with Karitane’s Sharlene Vlahos

Getting our new babies into a good sleep routine can be stressful enough, but it becomes vital when it’s time to return to work. With the average return to work in Australia being within your baby’s first year, often, and understandably, many babies are still not sleeping through the night at this point.

Parents At Work CEO Emma Walsh chats to parenting expert Sharlene Vlahos from Karitane in this reassuring and helpful podcast, where the two discuss expectations around sleep and tips on how to get a good bedtime and sleep routine that works for both your child and you.

“Sleep becomes critical,” Sharlene says. “And if we don’t get enough, we certainly feel the affects of that … When we become parents, we become the bottom of the list, but what we tell parents is the ‘oxygen mask rule’ – put the oxygen mask on yourself then help your families. And this is so true across all points of parenting.”

Sharlene talks about the interesting ‘third space’ concept – how people move from one situation to another, and how we can often bring feelings of stress from one situation into a new one. This can be particularly problematic when you are returning from a demanding day at work to the bedtime routine for your children at home.

“If you’re in a heightened state, your child may be too’,” Sharlene says. “We need to go into an environment with our children in a calm way”.

Emma and Sharlene further discuss the importance of a solid bedtime routine to combat this – quiet play, having a bath, reading a book –  all these things can lend themselves to a smoother, less stressful bedtime and sleeping routine for parent and child.

Listen to the full podcast below for more insights into sleeping and settling babies, and get yourself on the way to a better night’s sleep.