It’s always inspiring to hear stories about working couples sharing their parental leave. This is definitely the case with the arrangement Sarah Maxwell and her husband Peter are looking forward to with their baby on the way.

In a special feature of our new Parental Leave Essentials Podcast series, Kiri Stejko talks to Sarah, People and Performance Director at Solotel, about how she’s feeling in the lead up to her parental leave, and they discuss exactly how Sarah and Peter plan to share the care.

Sarah and her husband Peter prepare for their parental leave.
Sarah and Peter are looking forward to sharing the care

They both love their work, and are both passionate about being fully committed, hands-on parents, sharing the care for their child.

Their plan is to alternate in taking blocks of time off, with Sarah taking a block of 6-8 weeks off, then Peter taking 6-8 weeks, then Sarah will take a second block, then Peter will take a second block – up until 6-8 months when they will put their baby in care and both return to work.

What makes this podcast series so unique is that we’ll be able to follow Sarah & Peter over the coming months, and hear first-hand about how they’re finding the experience.

Sarah says “I’m very lucky to be part of a company that culturally supports parental responsibilities, a real strong sense of family and humanity.

In this episode, Sarah shares her thoughts on what she believes her biggest challenge will be over the next few months. She knows “that there will be moments that I can’t plan for. Things will happen that are out of my control, and being able to just go with that and just truly enjoy those moments and not worry if I’m not across everything to the degree that I would like to be.

It’s fantastic to see parental leave equality in action from the parent point of view.

Listen to the first part of this fantastic story below. We’ll be checking back in with Sarah and Peter in April, so stay tuned for the next episode!