National survey to capture Australia’s home truths and shape policy

A new survey from the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is calling on every Australian to share the experience of COVID-19 for them and their family as we look forward towards recovery.

The Families in Australia: Life during COVID-19 survey will paint a picture of how Australians are coping with and adjusting to the coronavirus pandemic, revealing the good and the bad of our current situation.

AIFS Director Anne Hollonds said the national survey will reveal how the pandemic has affected Australia’s families and their relationships, and help map our way forward.

“This is the first time we’ve gone straight to everyday families on this scale. We want to find out how the patterns of life have changed for families and give them a ‘voice’ in the recovery.

“We need to know how this once-in-a-lifetime event has impacted Australians’ everyday lives, so the government and service providers know what support people really need.”

The survey is open to every Australian over 18 years of age, in all types of families, including families with children, grandparents, couples and single person households.

It asks a broad range of questions about daily life, including how relationships have changed, how we are spending our time, work and education arrangements, and if and how household dynamics have shifted.

“Families are the backbone of Australia. They’re who we look to for support every day and even more so during times of crisis.

“When families rearrange everything, it’s invisible. Yet we rely on them to do this. Understanding how they’re dealing with the added social and economic pressures of COVID-19 is crucial.

“By sharing your unique experience and completing the survey, you’ll help us capture this important moment in history and be a part of shaping Australia’s future as we move forward,” Hollonds said.

AIFS, Australia’s key research body in the area of family wellbeing, will use the findings from the survey to inform service providers and the government on how best to support Australian families as they recover from this pandemic.

The Life during COVID-19 survey is the first in an ongoing series, Families in Australia, which will track how families are changing over time.

Families in Australia survey: Life during COVID-19 is open now.

Take part in the survey at

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