Returning to Work


Plan and prepare for your return to work by joining our Returning to Work and Reconnecting course. This course focuses on providing essential and informative tips on how to manage the transition when returning to work.  You will receive and benefit from access to activities, tools and guidance to help create a successful return to work.  

Course Topics

  • Planning for a successful return to work – the do’s, don’ts and things you should know
  • Reviewing the role you will be returning to
  • Negotiating flexible work arrangements
  • Re-connecting with and re-establishing your network, team and clients
  • Getting the family prepared for your return
  • Question and answer forum

Learning Outcomes
This course will:

  • Enable you to review and create a Return to Work & Career Plan
  • Plan for your return leave with your manager and team
  • Support you to create a flexible work arrangement 
  • Provide you with a preparation checklist and other tips and tools on staying in touch
  • Provide a smoother transition back to work – at home and at work

"The role of parenthood, whilst rewarding, is one the toughest and most challenging jobs we will ever undertake; and for many, the thought of trying to juggle work and parenthood is both terrifying and overwhelming. No one wants to return to work with those feelings. We all want some measure of work-life balance. The question is what does ‘work-life balance’ mean to you – now that you’re a parent – and how do you achieve it as a working parent?" Emma Walsh, Founder and CEO, Parents At Work

Who is this course for?
The Returning to Work and Reconnecting course is suited to those currently on parental leave or recently returned to work. It is best attended:

  • Whilst on parental leave or soon after returning to work
  • After the Preparing for Parental Leave course and prior to the Managing Your Career course


The Returning to Work and Reconnecting course provides you with a toolkit and access to a group forum hosted by expert Career Coaches who will answer your return to work questions. You’ll hear from other working parents on their experiences. All you need for the forum/teleconference is a standard telephone so it's easy to dial in from home.

Enrol anytime. You can start your Returning to Work and Reconnecting course instantly and you’ll receive your course materials and forum details via email.