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Feel like it’s time to re-start your career?

Last year, Deloitte Australia launched the highly successful Returnship Program – a back to work employment program designed for talented candidates who have taken an extended break or leave from their career.

Parents At Work proudly partnered with Deloitte to deliver the program and we’re pleased to say it’s back by popular demand with applications NOW OPEN until February 4th for the 2018 intake.

The first of its kind in Australia, Deloitte’s program offers an extensive learning and career development experience designed to support employees re-engage in the workforce.

This is a paid 20-week program with the view to securing a permanent or contract role at the end of the program. It will be based on a 4-day work week and will commence in mid 2018.

Deloitte offer you tailored support to help you re-adjust back into the world of professional services like specialised training and Parents At Work provide individual coaching as part of the Returnship Program.  So, you’ll have your own career coach to support you to navigate the transition, regain your confidence and rediscover your professional self.

“There’s a group of support people around you that want you to be successful.”

 Tina McCreery – Partner, People & Performance at Deloitte


Applications for the Return To Work program open on Monday 13 November and CLOSE on Sunday 4 February 2018.

Based on a four-day working week, roles are available across the following departments:

What do you gain by joining the program?  

  • Training – Skills and capabilities to operate successfully in an organisation
  • Confidence – With the sponsors, coaches and cohort it gave them the space to open up a lot of their fears to then work through
  • A connection to purpose – Feel valued and like they can make an impact and successful career
To find out if you are eligible or to apply for the program APPLY HERE


LISTEN to Tina McCreery – Partner, People & Performance at Deloitte – talk about the wildly successful cohort from last year on the Parents At Work podcast.

Here are some of the main points discussed:

Deloitte designed the program with YOU in mind

We did a lot of work around the application process . . . so instead of giving us a resume they gave us a story about their capability and skills. We also ensured that the people running the interviews really understood the background of these individuals – where they were coming from, the types of concerns they might have coming in for an interview having maybe not had one for many many years and a lack of confidence around ‘am I really ready for the workforce and will you really want me.” Tina McCreery – Partner, People & Performance at Deloitte

Around transitioning back we spent a lot of time thinking through what the first 2 or 3 weeks look like, ensuring that when they come back into the workplace that it is both welcoming but has the structure around it to give them the skills, capabilities and even some language that they may not have heard since leaving the workforce.” Tina McCreery – Partner, People & Performance at Deloitte

What to expect – The extra care Deloitte take

“When you’re out (of the workforce) it’s very hard to visualise yourself coming back in. You build up all of these things in your mind around ‘why not’. What we are doing with this program is saying ‘forget the why nots’ – a lot of those we can help you with. So if you’re sitting there thinking ‘I can’t do this because I do have some family responsibilities, I don’t think my skills are where they need to be to be accepted, how are people going to cope with me coming in and out having other responsibilities?’ I say to the candidates: ‘we can help you with all of that. That is what this program is all about. To ensure that we are giving you a safe place, a secure transition and an ability for you to take your time to work your way through before you move into permanent employment.”  Tina McCreery – Partner, People & Performance at Deloitte

“The strength of the cohort – the support that they gave each other was just so helpful because even though we put a lot of structure around it having that cohort really drive it really helped. They were forever putting their hand up saying: ‘can we do this differently, how can we look at this? So they really owned it themselves.”  Tina McCreery – Partner, People & Performance at Deloitte

“We spend a lot of time with candidates. . . we have a really open dialogue with you.” Tina McCreery – Partner, People & Performance at Deloitte

2017 Cohort Testimonials

“I have started at Deloitte after a 4 year break from my professional career and joined the Return to Work program. The program has helped me to regain my confidence, drive my career decisions and ultimately truly enjoy and love what I am doing. My worries, concerns, low moments – they were all turned into a learning point and a positive empowering actions. I felt I could fast track back to executive career with the support of this program.”

“In returning to work, one of the key challenges I face is knowing how to frame my skills and knowledge and communicate effectively what I know, to my new colleagues. The program and my coach has been excellent in assisting me with this, in particular, helping me to understand what value I bring to Deloitte.”

“The support and guidance offered by the program coaching was a fabulous opportunity to have open and ‘safe’ conversations. It was helpful to have another perspective while tackling the new and different challenges that comes along with returning to work after an extended break.” 

“The return to work program was invaluable. Being able to work with a coach to talk through stressors, issues and positives at work and at home, and to receive support and guidance to work through and/or appreciate those events, was of great assistance during my return to work. I firmly believe this program was key to my successful return to work.”


Deloitte and Parents At Work are paving the way in offering support programs and opportunities for talented and dedicated people to return to work after extended leave.

To access the full interview or to find out more visit . . .

Deloitte Returnship Program

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