Deloitte has reaffirmed themselves as frontrunners in parental leave with new flexible options to their already leading parental leave scheme.

Deloitte already offers 18 weeks paid leave to all new parents, regardless of gender. From 2017, Deloitte gave their employees the opportunity to take paid parental leave flexibly. For example, an employee could work three days per week and take two days of parental leave for an agreed period or until their entitlement was fully used.

Now Deloitte has further enhanced their flexible options by providing employees with the choice of taking their paid parental leave in two distinct periods (in addition to the weekly flexible option and  the standard one continuous period option). From 1 March 2019 that leave can be taken over three years, broken up in a range of flexible ways to suit each family’s individual needs.

The new policy also means that parental leave is available to new employees upon joining the firm, as long as they complete their probation period.

Deloitte will also now continue to pay superannuation contributions while employees are taking unpaid parental leave – an initiative that not only provides greater financial security for the future but also takes aim at the gender pay gap which can accumulate over a lifetime due to career breaks for caring responsibilities.

Additionally, employees can now take parental leave at the same time as their spouse or partner. If both parents work for Deloitte, they’ll also be entitled to take parental leave at the same time if that suits the family’s circumstances.

“The new approach will allow our people to pursue and develop their careers with flexibility and purpose. We’re encouraging them to take an active role in caring responsibilities for their families while minimising the financial impact of having a break for parental leave,” says Richard Deutsch, CEO of Deloitte Australia.

Deloitte is already celebrated for being a leading example of a family-friendly workplace. It offers a number of parental support groups and programs to help new parents balance their career and family wellbeing. These include the Reconnect Program by Parents at Work – designed to provide parents with the know-how, confidence and support to advance their career and balance their life and family, as well as Deloitte Dads – a program with the intent of better supporting and providing equitable access for men to take parental leave and work flexibly. 

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