Preparing for Parental Leave


Plan and prepare for your parental leave by joining our Preparing for Parental Leave course. It’s essential, convenient and informative. This course addresses the first stage in the transition of being a working parent and will benefit parents-to-be by giving you the tools to work with your manager to start planning and arranging a successful transition to parental leave and staying in touch whilst on leave.

Course Topics

  • Planning for leave – the do’s, don’ts and things you should know
  • Reviewing your career progress and plan
  • Managing your pregnancy at work
  • Making staying-in-touch during leave easier
  • Planning for future flexible work arrangements
  • Question and answer forum

Learning Outcomes
This course will:

  • Enable you to create a parental transition plan
  • Discuss and plan for your parental leave with your manager and team
  • Provide you with a preparation checklist and other tips and tools on staying in touch
  • Provide you with tips on exploring child care options
  • Provide a smoother transition to and from parental leave

“Planning for parental leave is essential – for you, your career, your workplace and your family – being prepared for your impending leave can help you to make the transition process smoother and to effectively manage the expectations of others and yourself as you navigate this exciting, yet often challenging stage of your career and life.” Emma Walsh, Founder and CEO, Parents At Work

Who is this course for?
The Preparing for Parental Leave and Staying in Touch course is suited to those are going on parental leave in the next few months or are already on parental leave. 


The Preparing for Parental Leave and Staying in Touch course provides you with a toolkit and access to a group forum hosted by expert Career Coaches who will answer your parental leave questions. You’ll hear from other working parents on their experiences. You will receive a link to a webinar to attend the course.