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School holidays can often be approached with trepidation by working parents mostly because as we know accounting for 12 weeks holidays when you only get 4 weeks leave per year means there’s often a juggle to find care and/or activities to help the kids have a fun and healthy break.

So how do you do that in the modern world? Gone are the days where the kids have to sit under the desk or spend all day watching TV or gaming while parents scrabble to get some work done. It’s time to ‘ban boring’.

In this podcast Fiona Hitchiner from Parents At Work interviews Adrian Rokman, co-founder of KidsCo, known for their award-winning school holiday programs in the workplace.

Fiona and Adrian provide ideas and inspiration to families to provide fun and educational ways to keep the kids busy and interested in staying active.

If you are interested in how KidsCo and Parents At Work can support your family or workplace please contact us at and ask us about our vitual childcare offering.