Karitane – parenting support

Karitane are respected and trusted service leaders in parenting and targeted early intervention services. Karitane services and programs are delivered by a highly trained, professional team providing holistic assessments based on the individual needs of families. Karitane are experts in settling, sleeping, feeding, toddler behaviour and more.

“Our vision is for children to be safe, healthy and nurtured by confident families and communities”

Director of Education, Sharlene Vlahos, supports us in the development and facilitation of our Raising Toddlers Course.

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Working Mothers Connect - Recruitment

Working Mothers Connect is a digital platform connecting Australian and New Zealand mothers with flexible jobs and family friendly employers. They proudly connect working mothers with progressive companies supporting women in the workforce and connect these companies with a large community of mothers seeking flexible opportunities.

Parents can search for their next flexible role on this job board and can also upload your jobseeker profile and resume to the platform, allowing employers to connect with you directly. View the website for further information at:

The Gidget Foundation – Perinatal Depression and Anxiety support

The Gidget Foundation is a not for profit organisation which provides support services for families suffering emotional distress during pregnancy and early parenting. We also provide education and awareness programs for health professionals and the community to learn more about Perinatal Anxiety and depression.

Former CEO, Cathie Knox, supported in the development and facilitation of the Parents At Work Antenatal Course.

Chairman, Dr Vijay Roach, supported in the facilitation of the Parents At Work Working Dads Connect Course.

Why Be You – Parenting support

Why Be You offers a back-to-basics approach to parenting with workshops and presentations to support young people and parents to introduce a more loving, honest and respectful way of communicating with one another that empowers them to build trust, responsibility and accountability.

Why Be You works with young people, parents, schools and youth groups to ensure a more supportive whole community approach to tackling some of the more challenging aspects of growing up.  The programs are building life skills such as respectful relationships, dealing with stress and anxiety, bullying, anger management and finding your voice.

Founder of Why Be You, Lucy Dahill, supported in the development and facilitation of the Parents At Work Teen Time Course.

Better Dads – parenting support

Better Dads is a website dedicated to giving a voice to the everyday Aussie dad. With a catalogue of video interviews featuring a range of dads from diverse backgrounds Better Dads offers the modern dad an opportunity to connect and learn from other dads on how to tackle the challenges and responsibilities of caring for children. It’s about practical tips for dads to get organised but also about embracing their caring abilities as a role model for the next generation.

Founder of Better Dads, Alex Laguna, supported in the development and facilitation of the Parents At Work Working Dads Connect Program.

CPR Kids – parenting support

CPR Kids empower parents with essential First Aid skills and knowledge, ensuring they can calmly help their child in an emergency situation. They provide private sessions, group workshops and corporate programs including a Focus on Families corporate program which empowers working parents with the skills to prevent and reduce the severity and duration of common illnesses and injuries in children.

Founder, Sarah Hunstead, supported in the development and facilitation of the Parents At Work CPR for Kids Course.

Danielle Robertson – Aged Care support

Having worked in the care sector for more than three decades, Danielle offers comprehensive knowledge and experience on how the sector works and how to obtain the best quality of care for a reasonable price. This experience comes from leading DIAL-AN-ANGEL, Australia’s only national agency specialised in providing aged, home and childcare, for 12 years. Throughout her career, Danielle has contributed to the development of the care industry by lobbying the Commonwealth Government on issues ranging from subsidising the cost of care through to recognising nannies as professional carers. In 2015, Danielle set up her own business to fill a gap in the care sector and meet the numerous calls for assistance in navigating the services offered in the aged, disability and home care. DRC – Care Solutions was born. The business finds the best quality care options for private clients. It also offers Care Concierge Packages to corporates that wish to support employees with care responsibilities.

Founder, Danielle Robertson, supported in the development and facilitation of the Parents At Work Navigating Childcare Course.


Genea is one of Australia’s leading providers of IVF, infertility and other assisted conception treatments with more than 30 years of experience in the field. The company has long been a fertility pioneer, with research and technologies developed in-house virtually doubling IVF success rates in the mid-nineties and continuing to improve outcomes today. In 2018, Genea was the highest ranked healthcare provider named on the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies List, ranked number 18.

The Pink Elephants Support Network provides emotional support in the form of resources, online communities and peer support which provide meaningful connections offering women the empathy and understanding they deserve after experiencing early pregnancy loss.

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The Father Hood is a dad-positivity movement. It delivers dad-specific media daily in the form of support, advice and inspiration. It is an arm around the shoulder, it is a well-chosen word at the right time. Best of all, it is for dads, by dads.

Fatherhood changes men. But fatherhood is also changing at the greatest rate in generations – dads today are in a role with no rulebook. They will rise to the best versions of themselves and raise happier families with The Father Hood standing at their backs.

The Village Foundation - mentoring

The Village Foundation is about facilitating the return to work for women and men postpartum. There is a loss of identity that occurs when a woman or man leaves their career for any length of time and returns with often a different world to navigate. The Village app connects experienced parents as mentors within a company, to new parents within the same company. By leveraging the knowledge and wealth of experience these parents have to offer, social supports are increased, productivity goes up, staff retention is improved.