Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.44.39 amParents At Work have partnered with a range of community, parenting and career service providers to introduce online learning to better support working parents and their leaders in their workplaces.

The learning partnerships provide Parents At Work with access to a broader network and community of like-minded organisations operating in a diverse range of fields such as community and family support, program management, disability, research, grand parenting, children’s services, counselling, youth work and research.

This will enable us to access and deliver a wider frame of resources and information – as well as the latest news and research – specific to managers and their working parent employees such as the National Families Week initiative, which celebrates the vital role that families play in Australian society.

Parents At Work continues to deliver a service of excellence to support businesses to assess and improve how effective their family friendly and flexible workplace policies and procedures are, essentially supporting them to stay ahead of the game in an area that is receiving increasing attention and legislative checks.

We want Australian employers to question whether what they are currently doing is really working. Why? More and more research is highlighting how beneficial it is for both business and workplace culture to enhance employee productivity and engagement. Just as vital is the reminder to appreciate all the ground breaking work our client organisations are doing to improve Australia’s working landscape. Our families and the community at large reap the seeds we sow. This is why our collaboration with providers that support Australian families is so important.

In celebration of National Families Week we are providing employers and HR/Diversity professionals with tangible ways to better support working parents:

  1. Sign up for one of our upcoming FREE special events featured in our latest newsletter. These special 1 hour virtual learning sessions are delivered via live webinars developed specifically to help working parents enhance their family wellbeing and manage work-life balance. Upcoming events include:
  • The Hidden Costs of Juggling Work and FamilyWhat Every CEO, HR and Diversity Professional must know and plan for
  • Cyber bullying and Social Media Pressures: How to support your kids online and off
  • Supporting Kids at School: What do they really need?
  1. How effective are your work and family policies? Do they position you as an Employer of Choice? Parents At Work offers a process and programs that will ensure your managers and employees have the tools and support to navigate the challenges of being working parents. Contact us to learn more.