Parental Leave Transition

Are you taking care of your employees throughout their parental leave journey?


At Parents At Work we understand the importance of making sure employees feel supported in their journey to and from parental leave. This is why we created the Parental Leave Transition Program; a program that support thousands of employees across Australia and the pacific.

Our Parental Leave Transition Program includes:

  • Pre, during and post parental leave, stay in touch communications
  • On-demand Parental Leave Courses and Toolkits
  • Return to work planning and navigating flexible work support
Portrait Of Pregnant Businesswoman Using Laptop In Office

We provide core transition and stay in touch services to parental leavers and their managers, delivered through automated communications. Parental Leave communications link employees to the Parents At Work Work + Family Hub and courses.

It also prompts and encourages employees and managers to stay connected whilst on leave. Parents At Work will review your parental leave transition processes and practices to ensure they adequately meet your employee and manager needs.



Making Parental Leave a positive experience

Returning to work after a period of parental leave is a challenging time for many parents.

On top of the challenges presented with changes in family routine and leaving a little one at home or starting child care, employees often return to a workplace or job that has somewhat changed.

Education, tools and manager support to help employees adjust and sustain work and family balance is critical during this time. We support your employees as they adjust to the demands of infant care while working and managing the expectations of leaders and colleagues to ensure a successful transition back to work.


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