The Melbourne roundtable was a success with leaders and representatives from various industries sharing their thoughts and experiences with parental leave equality.

On February 27th 2019, together with Baker McKenzie and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), Parents At Work ran the second Achieving Parental Leave Equality Roundtable session in Melbourne.

A diverse group of Australian Corporate Organisations, SMEs, Government organisations and leaders in the Parental Leave Equality space came together to unravel some of the major challenges companies face on parental leave equality, implementation and ‘shared care’. 

Kylie Bishop, Group Executive of People and Culture at Medibank, spoke about Medibank’s inspiring internal cultural turnaround with regards to parent leave schemes.

WGEA discussed the current parental leave landscape amongst companies with more than 100 employees whilst Baker McKenzie honed in on the legal requirements to businesses, highlighting the common myths companies believe when it comes to writing and following policy in this space.

Daniel Mottau of Zendesk spoke openly with Parents At Work about his experience as a working father along with his view on existing cultural values around parental leave, redefining the primary and secondary carer roles. Watch the interview here or click the video below.

Read the full report from our Sydney Advancing Parental Leave Equality roundtable here.