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Life changes significantly for both mothers and fathers when we start caring for others while juggling work. The purpose of the Parents At Work online learning platform is to support our members through the working, parenting and caring journey. We recognise all families are unique and our platform is relevant for all families – including heterosexual, same-sex, adoption or surrogacy parents, as well as carers.

The online platform is the home for our courses, resources, videos, podcasts, people's stories, checklists and toolkits to guide anyone through the juggle of life as a working parent or carer. We provide the information needed to figure out what is best for self and family, while ensuring employees know how to achieve career goals. We also have courses with guidance for Managers with team members going on and returning from parental leave.

Responsive on all devices, this platform contains all that is needed to prepare for parental leave, stay in touch whilst on leave, have a successful return to work and stay engaged and motivated at work while caring for yourself and your family’s wellbeing.