Work + Family Hub

About the Work + Family Hub

Our Work + Family Hub is a centralised resources hub, designed as the integral delivery platform for all our working parent and carer programs.

The Hub contains all you need to prepare for parental leave, stay in touch whilst on leave, have a successful return to work and stay engaged and motivated in your career while you care for you and your family’s wellbeing.

It also contains valuable resources to support all stages of the family journey from family planning through to elder care and everything in between. We have support for career life design, flexible working, leadership training, navigating child and elder care, wellbeing needs, Dads, parenting toddlers, teens and more.

Organisations can choose from either our enterprise access to the PAW Work + Family Hub or alternatively opt for a customised Work + Family Hub that includes personalised branding along any additional resources the company need in order to support their working families.


Work + Family Hub Features

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Career Family Wellbeing

The Hub supports:

  • Employees - all parents, carers and all family types with planning a family, going on and returning from parental leave, returning to work, caring, career, wellbeing, parenting and flexible work training and toolkits.
  • Managers - a range of resources to support leaders when they have a team member transition to and from parental leave, work flexibly and manage ongoing work and family responsibilities

A range of toolkits, checklists, videos, podcasts, courses and resources are available to read or download from the Hub, which can be used as standalone resources or in conjunction with a course to further support your parents, carers and managers.

We can provide a one-week free trial period so you are able to directly experience the rich content and navigate through at your ease while considering the needs of your employees and managers.

Resource Modes:

Hub Inclusions
Managers Families Organisations

Custom Work + Family Hub

Organisations have the option to create a customised Hub with your company branding and company information including policies, benefits, employee stories and more.

WATCH this video to see a wonderful example of a custom Hub designed for Kellogg Company - including also a fantastic example of how to bring their families program to life for their people.

YouTube video

To enquire about the hub including a custom hub solution for your people contact us at