Meditation For Mums And Dads Podcast with Katie Walls

There’s no sugar-coating it – parenting is stressful, kids can be a handful and we can find ourselves at the end of our tether after a busy, tiring day. When we’re trying to balance work and family life, things can get even more taxing and often our mental health is what comes last on the seemingly never-ending ‘to do list’.

Meditation is a proven technique that can help us manage the stress and return our minds to a healthy, balanced state. Yet many parents feel they don’t have the time or space for it, or fear they aren’t doing it properly.

In this popular podcast, health and wellbeing practitioner and experienced meditation facilitator Katie Walls takes you through the Gentle Breathe Meditation.  She discusses meditation myths, why meditation is so effective in self-care and improving vitality, and how you can find time to meditate in your everyday life.

Meditation is about taking that time to improve the quality of our relationship with ourselves. Katie explains: “It doesn’t matter how healthy I’m eating, if I am in anger, frustration, overwhelm, or anxiety, then my body is just continuously being drained. Meditation supports that relationship with yourself, and then you find you are able to deal with the stresses and strains a lot easier … you’re better equipped to deal with your day-to-day.”

For those of us that feel like we can’t fit a second in for ourselves in our busy days, Katie assures that meditation and relaxation techniques can be done anywhere – it doesn’t even have to be a quiet spot. You could be in the car, around other people, or even in stressful meeting. It’s about observing when those feelings of anxiety or stress start to appear and taking a small amount of time to reflect inwardly to manage that.

In a culture where ‘busy’ is a positive thing – perhaps showing the world the importance of our job or our lives – Katie says: “It’s important to become diligent in allowing these moments for yourself, and then things start to become clearer and settle down a bit. You start to enjoy that feeling [of settlement] and think, yes, I’m going to bring this more into my day-to-day.”

Listen to this insightful podcast below.