Is there such a thing? Well, yes and no. No in terms of meditation is meditation – a simple reconnection to your body or ‘union with your self’ as Katie Walls said in our recent special event webinar Meditation for Mums and Dads. Meditation places no biases or pre-requisites on us. It is a tool for everyone – whether you live on a mountain top in Nepal or you work in an office in the city, whether your 6 years old or 60 – you have access to this very simple and useful tool. It’s a yes because parents do have unique challenges when raising children of various ages and sometimes we need a little more insight into how we can care and support ourselves amongst the sometimes chaotic life of juggling work and caring responsibilities.

Our special guest Katie is a complimentary health and wellbeing practitioner who has a lot of experience working in busy HR roles in corporate companies whilst raising three children with her equally busy husband so knows the pressures modern parents face. Katie also runs the busy wellbeing clinic Gentle Rhythms in Sydney. With Katie we explored how to be with these challenges and pressures and still be able to feel like ourselves at the end of the day. Meditation was a key component of being able to do this. But the question many of us have as working parents is – where will I find the time?

As the webinar progressed it was clear how easily we can integrate meditation into our every day because, as Katie showed us with two examples, it can only take a few minutes to reconnect to our body. You can also do it anywhere – there’s no need for a special ‘lotus’ position or perfect space – you can do it on the bus, whilst walking, a few minutes before you go to bed or even with the kids. Katie helped us to dispel the myths around the ‘how’ and ‘when’ which was useful in supporting us to drop the false beliefs that may get in the way of making it a regular practice.

Katie also explored the ‘why’ of meditation – why is this so great for our health and wellbeing, why does our body love it so, why make time for it?  Some of the key takeaways from this were meditation supports to:

  • Provide stop moments
  • Reduce busyness in the mind
  • Build a way of being with the body that allows you to observe not absorb
  • Help you to focus on what’s needed or the task at hand
  • Reduce overwhelm and anxiousness
  • Feel more of what supports our body

For any working parent that struggles with time, with sleep, with resting, with managing stress (at work or home) – this webinar is a must. There are some simple tips on how to practically go about making it a part of your life.

At the end of the webinar Parents At Work also announced we will be doing an online program of Meditation for Mums & Dads. These would be smaller groups and shorter sessions with a meditation as well as the opportunity for questions and some discussion. If you are interested please email bookings@parentsatwork.com.au and we will notify you when we have confirmed dates.

In the meantime, if you would like a copy of this webinar (with slides) please email bookings@parentsatwork.com.au or you can listen to it on our podcast (audio only) here.