Father working on laptop and holding son on his lap

As sure as night follows day, the first few years of parenthood, that no one really warns you about, is guaranteed to include dealing with endless days of sick kids whose germs often spread throughout the whole family, derailing everyone. New parents can find themselves feeling wiped out with worry and sleep deprivation.

Once your child is old enough to attend playgroups, start childcare or frequent other community places where children congregate, all sorts of infections seem to be waiting to pounce. And, no amount of vigilant, clean-freak parenting can avoid a bout of sickness at some time or another.

The question is, how do you deal with it when your child is sick, you’re juggling work and, just when it looks like your little one is recovering, you’re struck down with the lurgy?

This article was first featured on the Huffington Post Australia. To read the full article by our CEO Emma Walsh (including a personal account of she has managed with three kids over the years) tap here.