Managing My Career


Review your career and life plans by joining our Managing My Career course. This course will assist you to review your current career and life plans and make them work for you. Clarify what you want for your future and identify the steps you need to get you there. 
Course Topics

  • Managing my career – the do’s, don’ts and things you should know
  • Conducting a career audit
  • Creating a career plan
  • Stop getting in your own way - what do you really want
  • Creating work life happiness
  • Question and answer forum

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this course you will have:

  1. Unlocked ideas for how to improve the way you manage your everyday job demands with family life
  2. Reviewed your career vision
  3. Know how to identify and manage career barriers
  4. Enjoy a more flexible way of working
  5. Be able to create an integrated career and family wellbeing plan

Who is this course for?
The Managing My Career course is suited to everyone at any career and life stage. It is best attended:

  • When you are evaluating your career and life plans and goals
  • If you’d like tips from career management experts on how to manage career and family needs
  • If you wish to set a direction and pathway for success

What you get

The Managing My Career course provides you with resources created by expert Career Coaches, including:

  1. A work at your own pace course toolkit
  2. Access to a live online Managing My Career webinar 

Managing My Career webinar
This 1 hour live webinar is facilitated by a career coach who will help you fast-track ways to manage your career as a working parent more effectively. This hour of power can give you the boost you need to think tank new ideas and directions, learn strategies to work smarter not harder as well as give you support to clear some of the barriers holding you back from the work-life balance you want.
Register via the below enrol link and you will be sent the course toolkit/workbook and details about the webinar or forum you are enroled in.

On the webinar you will be able to interact with the educator and ask questions via the live chat box. You can dial in to the webinar by phone or online so it's easy to participate from home or work.