Deloitte Learn How to Create A RTW Program

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Last year Deloitte Australia launched the highly successful Returnship Program – a back to work employment program designed for candidates who have taken an extended break or leave from their career.  The program is back by popular demand with applications open until February for the 2018 intake.

A first of its kind in Australia, Deloitte’s program offers a learning and career development experience designed to support employees re-engage in the workforce.  The reason this programme is leading the way in the HR world is that it equips participants with the skills, confidence and support crew required to successfully hit the ground running as they reignite their career.

Parents At Work has partnered with Deloitte to design and deliver the individual coaching as part of the Returnship Program.

Hear from Emma Walsh, CEO of Parents At Work as she talks to Tina McCreery – Partner, People & Performance at Deloitte – about the program and its worth to the firm. Listen and find out how the Deloitte Returnship Program was developed and why has it been instrumental in ensuring Deloitte source and retain a talent pool most companies would envy.  Listen to the podcast here.

Here are some of the main points discussed:

Why did Deloitte design a Returnship Program?

“It came about by us asking ‘how do we ensure we are accessing the great talent that we know is out there, with amazing skills and capabilities?’ Especially people that have worked at a very senior level but for many reasons didn’t feel they had an opportunity to go back into the workforce so they had a hesitancy around whether employers would want them.” Tina McCreery says.

On the purpose and intended outcomes, Tina highlighted that Deloitte’s focus was to:

  • Improve accessibility to a wider talent pool – “Out in the market we knew we had to provide another way of coming back”
  • Increase women in leadership positions – “How do we bring women in at that more senior leadership level?”
  • Fast track the transitioning period – “Is there a way of fast tracking all that through a program where we can ensure we are bringing in a cohort that are supported by each other, supported by the firm and are given a development program for the first 20 weeks?”
  • Be inclusive – “Having a mix of people with different backgrounds, different genders”
From strength to strength

One of the key success measures was the strength of the cohort. As Tina pointed out, “The differences that they brought to the table – the questions they asked. So because of their time out they were coming in from a different perspective. They wouldn’t just see things the way it is. They would say: ‘does it have to be that way?’ and we’d say, ‘well, maybe it doesn’t’.”

On the amplification of workplace agility Tina says the program had a surprising impact: “Having people walk out at 5pm, working 4 days a week – being able to celebrate that as a program and as a cohort really had a rippling effect across the whole practice. It highlighted how they structured their day was working.”

To hear Deloitte’s invaluable advice to other companies including how to develop a successful return to work program listen to the podcast here.

Deloitte and Parents At Work are paving the way in offering support programs and opportunities for talented and dedicated people to return to work after extended leave.

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