Leadership Programs

Parents At Work's parent company - Changing Places Group - is a people and culture advisory firm that works with your organisation to identify talented employee’s you would like to develop and retain, and customise a career and leadership development learning program to suit their needs.


About Our Programs

Emerging Leaders - Development and Career Acceleration

Our Leadership Development programs are a selective, experiential 6-12 month program designed to support the growth of emerging leaders in your organisation.

Our job is to facilitate a learning experience that provides employees with a unique opportunity to invest in their personal and professional development and support them to navigate and self-drive their careers.  Participants may already be leaders and more practiced at setting a vision and managing career outcomes. 

Others might be seeking more clarity in the development of career and life plan that is both sustainable and achievable. No one joins our program with the same background, experience, clarity, start or finish lines. Everyone is unique with different career and life situations and ambitions- and that helps to make this program diverse and interesting.  This program is an opportunity for a cohort to learn and grow together, build networks and flourish in their careers.

Advancing Women in Leadership


Designed to support women to create and build sustainable career development plans, we offer women essential education courses, coaching, tools and networking opportunities to accelerate their career.

Our programs are up there with the top programs run in the country developing women in leadership positions across Australia and the pacific.

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For more information visit www.changingplacesgroup.com