Recently we interviewed author and educator Dr. Tim Hawkes about his book 10 Leadership Lessons You Must Teach Your Teenager. Dr Hawkes leads 1700 pupils at The Kings School in Sydney and has raised three children himself.  He says that he wrote the book because he was concerned that there was not enough information to encourage and equip his children to realise the potential of their individual skills and talents, which he says would support them to work out their destiny. As Dr Hawkes pointed out many teenagers “go missing in their own lives” and need support to help them connect  to a “purpose in their career”.

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The issue

“In many schools they don’t look at things like financial literacy. How is it that we let any of our kids leave school without being able to manage a budget or credit card?”

‘We shouldn’t just be focused on exams, we should be focused on life’.

“Contemporary society is far less served by the autocratic leadership – individualism. Leadership from the middle… a more consultative approach is what’s needed. This is something women have known for millennia. We need to honour this much more.”

“Leadership is not a healthy thing if it’s a pursuit of power and position.”

Top tips for supporting teenagers to lead

“The lovely thing about Leadership is that it is a sexy subject to teenagers… in essence I’m using leadership as the Trojan horse to bring in other topics.”

“Their confidence can be eroded throughout the day and they need to come home to an individual that can confirm them.”

“Use the time you do have to show your children they are a priority in your life. The amount of time – meaningful interaction is being measured in seconds, if not minutes, a day. That same child is spending 5 hours a day on social media. Who is raising our child – the parents or their peers?”

“Remain vital and relevant in the lives of your teenage children.”

“What’s going to work best is the power of positive example… Parents must never ever underestimate what they are doing… little eyes are watching.”

“Listening is one of the most important roles of parents – let’s listen twice as much as we speak.”

“Banter and fun is important.”

“Turn the car or the evening meal into a conversation pit… shoulder to shoulder activities can be the very best times to have these life conversations.”

“We need to inform and encourage our teenagers to lead in a service-hearted way… not for personal gain, leadership that is entered into for service to others.”

“You can be an authorative parent but still be a very loving one.”

“Our job as parents is to be that safe base… where they can bring things that are troubling them.”

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