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“I found becoming a dad pretty disorientating. It changed my priorities, my attitude to work and had a big impact on my relationship, too.  Trying to navigate that wasn’t always easy. But chatting to other dads often helped, plus I picked up the odd tip (i.e. wearing T-shirts inside-out until you leave the house will hide visible toddler-stains – thanks for that Dan!). Hopefully this podcast will offer a similar purpose and help other dads to embrace the chaos.”

Luke Benedictus

As advocates of parental leave equality, Parents At Work have been raising awareness around the importance of supporting fathers in the workplace for many years, and we are continually building and developing resources and education tools for both fathers and employers to help men care for their families.

Inspired by this, and in partnership with The Father Hood, we have launched our brand new podcast series for working dads. The Father Hood podcast series is a series of interviews and discussions led by Andrew McUtchen, Luke Benedictus and Jeremy Macvean, co-founders of The Father Hood.

We have been privileged to support and work with a number of fathers as they balance their new caring role and it is these relationships that have been the inspiration behind the launch of this insightful (and fun!) new series. We know that when both mothers and fathers are supported in their roles at work and as a caregiver at home, it paves the way for both to be able to thrive at work too.

The first episode (listen below) focuses on ‘Dad Guilt’, and Luke interviews Dr Vijay Roach, incredibly inspiring father of five, President of RANZCOG (Royal Australian & New Zealand of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists), and former chairman of The Gidget Foundation. Luke and Vijay discuss the experience many fathers have feeling torn between work and family, and give practical tips and tools for dads to overcome this.

“There’s no doubt fatherhood can be one of the most challenging roles a man takes on. We often think of it as the Champion’s League of Manhood. But in sharing questions, ideas and experiences in these podcasts, we hope it makes things so much easier for dads to navigate”.

Jeremy Macvean

Read more about the first episode or view the full transcript here.