How online study can prepare mothers for work and balance family life

We welcome this week’s Guest Blogger from Martin College. Training and continued study is another challenge for ambitious mums, but there are ways to do it successfully. One of these is online learning where you aren’t required to leave the home for study.

How online study can prepare mothers for work and balance family life:

Returning to work for mothers can be exciting because it allows you to consider your options and seek out a career change. On the other hand, refreshing your skills while managing motherhood can be daunting. For Elena Zabellero, a single mother of two, who works fulltime and wanted to up-skill in her current marketing role, undertaking the necessary study required was always a bit of a challenge.

“Studying alongside being a full time mum isn’t an easy thing to do,” she says. “I knew that I couldn’t complete a course that took me away from home to study on a campus.”

This is a classic situation many busy mums can probably relate to. Juggling household commitments, motherhood and pressing priorities can all make it challenging for mums to make any time for themselves let alone adding study to the mix. But for mums thinking about a career change or re-entering the workforce, online study may be the perfect solution to balance the juggling act.

Why online study is a great way to manage your time and prepare for work:

If you’re worried that your professional skills may have become stale, or you’re considering a career change, studying allows you to refresh your knowledge. With a range of online courses available, you can also undertake flexible study to refresh your skills or up-skill to a new role. The at-home learning experience even allows you to get qualified while you’re on maternity leave or parental leave, so you will have the credentials to find a relevant job when you’re ready to return to work.

“I started work as a Marketing Coordinator in 2011 and was soon promoted to Marketing and Communications Manager after commencing the Advanced Diploma of Marketing at Martin College,” says Elena. “Studying online gave me the flexibility to study at home and plan my own study schedule around my hectic lifestyle, even if it meant many late nights reading and submitting assessments.”

Advantages of online learning for mums

Online learning is often the perfect answer for busy mums because it allows you to choose when and where you learn and you are in complete control of your study experience.

“Online study at Martin College gave me the added organisational and time management skills,” says Elena. “It was also made easier with Martin College’s Online Course and suggested study guides.”

Martin College offers a number of online courses ideal for busy mums and designed to help you re-enter the workforce and build new found skills and confidence. Available via the online platform, Study Smart, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace as well as seek support from staff and fellow students.

“The teacher support was amazing; I never felt alone,” says Elena. “There were also many ways to communicate through online forums, Study Smart and the course email system.

“I intend to challenge myself to become a marketing strategist as I now have the tools in place,” says Elena. “Next in sight is an MBA – hopefully I can do that online too!”

About Martin College:

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