FFW Breaking the Caring Bias for women

This years theme for International Women's Day 2022 is #breakthebias - what is your organisation doing to contribute to this?


"It’s been almost 12 months since UNICEF Australia and Parents At Work, alongside 23 founding and supporting partner organisations, united together to develop a set of National Work + Family Standards to encourage workplaces to embrace being more ‘family friendly’.


Not only was this seen as a necessary response to support, particularly vulnerable, working families through the pandemic; but more fundamentally to tackle and shift workplace practices that contribute to work life conflict and gender inequality by better acknowledging the vital role of employees’ caring responsibilities.


Through the National Work + Family Standards, Family Friendly Workplaces has set the benchmark for employers to consider their approach to flexible work, parental leave, care and wellbeing and family and domestic violence. These standards serve as a guide for certifying organisations to implement work life wellbeing policies and practices to be recognised as a Family Inclusive Workplace™.


There are now over 50 organisations who have been certified under these standards, all working to the break the bias when it comes to supporting every employee and their family."


To find out more about how these certified Family Inclusive Workplace™s are leading when it comes gender equality and breaking the bias, read the full article on the Family Friendly Workplaces website here. 


For information on how to become a Family Friendly Employer Member or certified Family Inclusive Workplace™ contact info@familyfriendlyworkplaces.com


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