Lack of workplace flexibility is a major reason why working mums seek to change their roles, a recent survey by Just Mums Recruitment has shown. A huge 73% of working mums who were surveyed said they were wanting a new role because their current one ‘lacked flexibility’, and of that 73%, 41% were looking to change jobs in the next 6-12 months.

550 women were surveyed at the end of 2018, and the findings show that the vast majority (83%) were on the look-out for a flexible work arrangement, including part-time work, work from home, school hours or job sharing.

More alarmingly, 45% said they were discriminated against at work or treated unfairly because they were working mothers.

Although a working mother’s desire for flexible work should come up as no surprise, many companies are still lagging well behind when it comes to family-friendly work policies and best practice Paid Parental Leave. It’s no wonder that a parent’s desire for better work-life balance would push them to change employment if their current role wasn’t giving them that.

To be an employer of choice to modern-day parents, companies must be implementing workplace policies and a workplace culture that supports their working parents at home and at work. When organisations don’t do this, they run the risk of losing talented staff, or more often than not, their staff don’t return to their employment after parental leave, and instead seek an organisation where they can have the flexibility they need.

When our organisations enable our employees to combine their paid work with their caring responsibilities, we create a society where we allow women and men to be comfortable in their roles as parents and as employee, and support them in their work-life balance. And then, our working parents are able to pursue their careers with flexibility, purpose and fulfilment, and without fear of discrimination.

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