In the second episode of the Caring for Carers Podcast Series, Samuel Eddy (Parents At Work executive coach for men managing work and family) talks about ‘Finding Your Groove as a Male Carer’. The series is in accordance with National Carers Week (14th- 20th October), which revolves around acknowledging and celebrating carers in Australia.

The episode is all about the demands men face today, facing your fears through the caring journey, dropping expectations and ‘superman syndrome’, confidence in caring as a man and honouring your personal values both in the workplace and at home.   

In Australia, there are currently 927 thousand men with caring responsibilities, be that caring for children, an elderly parent, a family member or person with a disability.

Samuel says he’s pleased to see men are starting to get more involved on a practical level with caring.

Men are starting to get their head around that they have the opportunity to care, there has been that real mindset shift

In the podcast, Samuel discusses the main challenges he sees in men who are taking time to care, mainly “the fear of doing something different, and the fear of what people will think” which are still entrenched in people’s minds.

The typical image for men, as it is for women, is “what will happen to my career?”, says Samuel. 

Samuel also talks about the huge benefits for men in talking to a coach about figuring out the practicalities of taking on a caring role. “It’s around confidence, to help them make the decisions they really want and figure out what’s important to them.

The podcast talks about where men can find support, and practical examples of how men can make their caring role a sustainable reality for them.

Please listen to the podcast below.