The future of work and family – creating family friendly workplaces

On behalf of APLEN (Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network), Parents At Work and KPMG, we invite you to join us for this webinar as we share highlights of the National Working Families Report and discuss implications for the future of work and family, especially in light of the challenges posed by Covid 19. The focus for this event will be on exploring the key recommendations for employers committed to creating family friendly, flexible workplaces.


Moderator: Angela Priestly, CEO Women’s Agenda
  • Emma Walsh, CEO, Parents At Work
  • Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner
  • Sarah Mccann Bartlett, CEO, Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Anne Hollonds, Director, Australian Institute of Family Studies
  • Linda Hibberd, Executive General Manager, People & Culture, PEXA
  • Kellie-Ann McDade, Partner Employment Law, Baker McKenzie
  • Grant Wardell-Johnson, Lead Tax Partner, KPMG
Why is this important?

Employers are key to revolutionising the way we design work and family policy and practices.

To ensure Australia is both responsive and progressive in meeting the changing nature of caring needs in our society, we must advance the way we combine work and caring responsibilities.

This means identifying and addressing the cultural, gender and economic barriers that prevent progress and result in poor health and wellbeing outcomes for Australian families.

"For societies and economies to thrive, countries and businesses need to support workers as families and parents, through family-friendly policies.” - UNICEF

At this event. we will discuss the findings of the National Working Families Report and KPMG's Unleashing our potential – the case for further investment in the child care subsidy report.

Join us as we explore recommendations for engaging the wider business community on what is needed to support both men and women manage work and caring responsibilities including:

  1. Key research findings on the work and family challenges that impact wellbeing and gender equality outcomes
  2. Insights from employees on what is needed to better manage work and care
  3. The business and community benefits of advancing work and family policies 
  4. Key recommendations - how to progress employer-supported family friendly policies



Date: Monday 23rd March 2020

Start: 1.00pm Conclude: 2.00pm

Hosted by: Parents At Work, on behalf of APLEN (Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network) 

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About the Report

The 2019 National Working Families Report is a not-for-profit initiative undertaken by Parents At Work as an APLEN initiative in partnership with Karitane, HSBC, Baker McKenzie, Deloitte, KPMG, IKEA and QBE.

The report details the survey findings and considers how workplaces can better support women and men to effectively balance their work and caring commitments, giving employees equal opportunities to fulfil their work responsibilities and career goals while looking after their family and personal wellbeing.

6,289 parents and carers across Australia completed the survey.

The results reveal that parents and carers across Australia are finding it difficult to balance work and family commitments and report their personal well-being and family relationships suffer as a result.

To read the full report with a summary of the key recommendations, download the National Working Families Report (PDF).

For more information about the report and to read the Executive Summary visit the report web page.

About APLEN 

APLEN is a network of organisations established as part of a commitment to lead UN global gender equality efforts to advocate and advance parental leave equality in Australia. To find out more visit the APLEN website.

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