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We’ve long heard from HR and business performance experts that when an organisation invests in their people, the business benefits. Ask any business that has been recognised as an ‘employer of choice’ and the likely response is ‘give people a great place to work and they will want to stay employed with us'.

Is this also true when it comes to implementing family-friendly workplace (FFW) initiatives? Is there a positive return that benefits employees and the business?

Research tells us the answer is ‘yes’.

Increasingly, people expect companies to be flexible and be supportive of their caring responsibilities. This includes fostering a culture that is inclusive.

Ultimately, people want to work in an environment that helps them to thrive both at work and at home. Employers who are responsive to this, not only have a positive impact on their employees but also the communities around them.

“People want to work for organisations that care about them, especially those that consider their family responsibilities outside of work. Your organisation’s culture has an impact on your employees’ health and wellbeing and therefore the wellbeing of your business.”

Emma Walsh, CEO Parents At Work


Organisations that invest in highly valued family friendly work policies and practices report the benefits deliver cost savings and other positive business outcomes related to engagement, employee turnover and gender equality.

"Cost savings can arise from both direct and indirect effects, such as improved employee work-life balance and reduced stress, which leads to reduced absenteeism and turnover, or perceptions of a positive workplace culture leading to greater commitment, loyalty and even higher productivity."

UK Government Equalities Office

Not only are FFW policies good for individuals and their workplace, there’s clear evidence there are far reaching societal benefits when it comes to health, wellbeing and equality outcomes for children. For more information on this read: UNICEF Redesigning the workplace to be family-friendly: What governments and businesses can do.

The cost of investing in FFW initiatives can be a fraction of the annual savings generated from reducing employee turnover.

So, what are the actual figures?

Contact Parents At Work for a copy of The ROI for Family Friendly Organisations Report which includes monetary figures based on organisational size and real life case studies on how specific businesses have benefited from the investment in FFW initiatives.

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