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Recently our CEO, Emma Walsh, interviewed Gill McLaren, author of Think, Plan Live; a step- by- step workbook and coaching guide to defining and designing your best life.

 In today’s busy lifestyle, the core of life design is working out what you want, and “really blending your career and your personal life, so it’s optimal for you.”

Gill McLaren is an executive leader and speaker, passionate about authentic leadership and helping women developing their careers. With a corporate career of over 30 years, Gill’s journey has harvested a great depth of experience which has motivated her writing of the coaching- style book. Gill explains that the book resembles “the coaching that I would normally give in executive coaching capacity, which I’m now doing through the voice of my book.”

Drawing upon her own journey - juggling being a mum to twin daughters with a high powered international career - Gill has brought personal experience with her own trials and tribulations about how to navigate her own ‘best life’ design into the book, amalgamated with her learnings from executive coaching.

Broken down into the 6 simple steps of Who, With, What, Why, Where and When Think, Plan, Live starts with your ‘Who’. While many people in career planning start with the ‘What’- ‘what do I want to do?’, ‘what’s my next career move?’- the ‘Who’ starting point encourages you to delve deeper into your values and strengths, and what Gill calls a ‘lifeline exercise’ which examines your career to date.

With the increasingly dynamic lifestyle today, involving curve balls and adjustments, Gill notes that a life design is “a constant recalibration job, but once you’ve done it in the first place, it constantly becomes a check in”. Gill’s passion lies in fostering unique ‘life fingerprints’, enabling you to manage life proactively with your personal values at the forefront of your holistic life design.

Listen below to hear the full podcast with Gill McLaren about Think, Plan, Live.

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