Organisations leading the way in gender equality know unfairness or perceived unfairness can negatively impact on workplace productivity, employee engagement and access to talent. A big part of ensuring employees feel like they are being treated equally and fairly is pay equity; ensuring women and men who are doing work of equal or comparable value are receiving the same remuneration.

Unintended gender biases in hiring, promotion, performance and pay decisions – which are commonly found in organisations – can lead to pay inequity and while most gaps are not the result of conscious discrimination, many employers do not realise they have gender pay gaps or do not have the knowledge to investigate and address the issues.

Pay equity is central to any robust gender equality strategy and the only way an organisation can know if they have a pay equity issue is through a gender pay gap analysis, which is why the WGEA are conducting a national pay equity workshop series to assist organisations take the necessary first step to ensure equal remuneration for women and men in the workplace.

The workshop series will commence from October 2014 and will be held in major capital cities and will help organisations:

  • understand key issues on pay equity
  • conduct a payroll analysis
  • interpret the results of a payroll analysis
  • build a pay equity strategy and action plan.

Enrol in one of the WGEA’s available workshops and join a growing number of organisations that recognise doing nothing on pay equity is no longer an option if they want to ensure they are attracting and retaining the best possible talent.

For more information on venues, dates and the booking form tap here.

Places are limited to 15 people per workshop.

Fee: $330 inclusive of GST ($70 discount available for Not for Profit organisations)

Parents@Work are an official supporter of the WGEA’s Pay Equity program and highly recommend these workshops for employers and senior managers.