Research conducted by an advocacy group for working parents found 53 per cent of fathers felt their workplace was not supportive of them taking parental leave.

Why is this? A new ABC article takes a look at the reasons behind men’s low uptake of parental leave – including the few leave options available to men in most organisations, why leave isn’t always practical, and the issue of culture – why ‘leave isn’t the done thing’.

But there’s good news within the issue too – some companies are beginning to realise the many benefits of equal, more gender-neutral parental leave, and are implementing family-friendly, flexible policies to accommodate mothers and fathers.

“The organisations we speak to are not only interested in the conversation, they are ready to act,” Emma Walsh, CEO of Parents At Work, states in the article. “And that’s very encouraging”.

Blake Woodward, a management consultant, works for an organisation that offers the same parental leave for all parents and had a positive experience when taking parental leave.

“Even dating right back to my initial interview, there was a partner who … was promoting the parental leave policy,” Blake says. “And the fact that he’d taken parental leave twice.”

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Excerpts taken from ABC Life’s article ‘Dads overcoming the barriers in the workplace to taking parental leave’ (published online 1 May 2019)